Westside Animal Hospital has treated our dogs for over 10 years, we literally trust the staff and vets with their lives. Thank you for taking such good care of our fur babies!

– April Exner

Communication was clear and helpful. The vet answered all of my questions, which were a lot because I am a first-time dog person. I came away from my appointment feeling more knowledgeable about my dog and how to care for him.

– Amy Greer

We’ve been clients of WSAH for 14+ years. Dr. Shuman and staff are always welcoming, take the time to thoroughly explain procedures, test results, insurance billing, etc. I simply trust them and will continue to drive all the way from Scotts Valley.

– Marti Meyer

Dr. Martinelli’s a peach of a vet. Clear, empathetic, knowledgeable; and clear and secure in her considerable abilities and their limits. She seems totally committed to Heidi’s treatment, comfort and outcome — and to helping the humans involved, too.

– John and Peggy McNicholas

WAH is run by passionate and intelligent care providers. Trust is hard to come by, and I trust WAH with my life’s most precious lights.

– Mallory Mae

Crixus-Ragnar is always so happy after his visit. The team is gentle & comforting to both the fur-children & the human parent. It is always an exciting trip to SC Westside Animal hospital. Dr. Shuman is hands amazing to my family over the last 16yrs.

– Danielle Ditmars

Great communication. Clear instructions. Really felt confident in my kitty’s care.

– Mary Alice Suca

Zorro has been getting excellent care from Westside Animal Hospital for 8 years! Thank you to Dr. Shuman and his team.

– Bonnie Blumenfield

Everyone, receptionist, tech, and doctor are always friendly and knowledgeable. Treat you with respect and obviously love animals.

– Danyel Hosier

Dr’s. Logothetti and Shuman are wonderful with our pets, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. It has been a hard ride through Covid, and you have done a great job. It was very generous to give Akira (a rescue) a first visit at no charge.

– Kirk Glaser

I appreciate the personal relationship that I feel my dog and I have with our vet, Dr Logothetti. She pursues all aspects of our case and tries to find the most reasonable and safest course of action for our dog.

– Alexandra Florimonte

We first started seeing Dr. Shuman at Westside Animal Hospital in 2008 when other veterinarians mis-diagnosed a leg injury in our Samoyed dog, Emily. Dr Shuman was able to immediately and correctly diagnose the problem and he inspired such an instant trust, we felt the confidence needed to leave Emily with him to surgically repair her the next day. In thirty years of owning dogs, we have never considered such an important medical decision so decisively. Dr. Shuman cared for Emily the next 9 years to include later life illnesses. No doubt, his care extended Emily’s life and also gave her immeasurable comfort up to the moment we gently let her go which he handled with dignity and comfort beyond measure.

We now have Emily’s niece, Ella. Though we moved 4 hours away to Santa Barbara County, we still drive to see Dr. Shuman because once you receive his level of care and professionalism everywhere else is disappointing. We always have confidence and peace of mind in any situation and know that Ella has the same great care that Emily did before her.

Dr. Shuman has an innate ability to diagnose medical issues. Besides this natural talent, Dr. Shuman has a wealth of knowledge and is current on advanced treatment methods such as stem cell therapy, various medications, and surgical procedures. He is thoughtful in his approach of diagnosing illnesses and reaches out to subject matter experts when appropriate. There is no comparison to Dr. Shuman’s level of compassion, and he has always extended his gentle kindness to us as well. He keeps us informed every step of the way and keeps constant contact during and after procedures performed. He is incredibly patient, a great listener, and willing to answer all questions as he thoroughly explains different options. He has a way of clearing the fog and providing clarity. He will even call himself to explain things to us when questions arise.

Such great talent attracts the same high level of support and technician staff who assist Dr. Shuman as well as his fellow Doctors on staff.

We have encountered well over a dozen veterinarians in our travels, and none come close to Dr. David Shuman, a veterinarian above all the rest.

– Susan Donahue

Best vet we’ve ever been to. They are super kind, take their time, and make sure you have all the info you need. Our dog loves them.

– Kate W.

Dr. Martinelli was SO informative and helpful, definitely the most informative vet I have been to. My dog is constantly licking her feet and I have never gotten any suggestions to help her but thankfully Dr. Martinelli was able to offer multiple options on how to help her 🙂 Very much fairly priced, my deposit went towards the vet exam, and they were super understanding that as a student, I needed more affordable options. Overall def recommend guys take ur pet here!!!!!! i

– Zoe E.

Dr. Sheena Logothetti was so helpful and friendly. I feel so confident with our dogs being in her very competent care. She gave us great advice for our 1 yr old and 13 yr old.

– Stephanie A.

We just had a fantastic visit at this animal hospital, During the COVID shelter in place and all. Directions were clearly marked upon arrival with the new check in routine. And Dr Shuman called us right after he was done checking our Kona Bear. He was very good at informing us of what was going on in Kona’s ears and paws. He listed all ideal options and when I brought up how finances are limited in our family, he helped us break it all down with what was able to be postponed til the next visit and what needed to be addressed right now and what we could do at home.He was so patient and informative. I’m so thankful to have found this veterinary hospital for our dog.

– Rebecca C.

My girl Ruca is a wild bull terrier have been seeing Dr Shuman for over 8 years, she has had lions jaw, as a pup, put her leg an a gopher hole and had to have her leg rebuilt with plates and screws when she was two.
She is now having a papilloma removed from her ankle and her paws pads fixed. Her plate removed since her leg has built new bone. I’m so impressed with the whole WAH team, the wonderful vet techs, just love Dr.Shuman, he cares for my girl and explains what to expect, and shows how much he cares for both of us!! Would highly recommend him and it amazes me that every time we get there she is excited to see the team that takes such good care of her!!

– Kimberlee H.

My dog Sadie was very sick with diarrhea and when I took her in to Westside animal Hospital Dr. Shuman diagnosed her very quickly and treated her, she responded well to treatment. Dr Shuman and all the staff are excellent and very conscientious and kind. Sadie is doing very well and is happy to be home!!

– Francie S.

I have had the pleasure to get to know the entire staff here at Westside Animal Hospital over the years. They have taken impeccable care of our family dog and cat numerous times. They treat my animals as if they are their own! From the front desk staff, to the vet techs, the after care staff, the doctors and the specialists that come in to do surgeries… everyone has been wonderful. Professional, compassionate and empathic. I would recommend this spot to anyone with a pet! Thank you, for the service you provide Santa Cruz!

– Alison C.

Wonderful vets and reasonable prices. The staff here made sure to talk us through all the tests and vaccines to assess what our pets really needed. They were always willing to talk about issues adjacent to our pets’ physical health such as behavior, and took amazing care of our fur babies when they were sick or injured. We always had a great experience at Westside!

– Melissa P.

Love the staff and the quality of care and the focus on the needs of your pet ! All of the staff driven by their passion and LOVE for animals

– Matthew P.

Westside Animal Hospital is an amazing place to take your fur babies. My dog Mia has been a patient there for a very long time, and they made her life better and longer. As a teen we had 16 of her teeth pulled, and after she was puppy again. Dr Logothetti has always made me understand exactly what was happening, and she never rushed me. I always left knowing exactly what was happening with Mia. She assured me when Mia diagnosed with kidney disease that when the time came to call it she would help me make the decision. The treatments she started Mia on gave her another year of life. I always knew Mia and I were in good hands.Mia was fearful of the vet, and probably wasn’t the easiest patient. Yet, they treated her as if she was their pet. Candy at the front desk me smile on some pretty rough days over the years, and then entire staff has always been kind. Dr Martinelli also saw Mia quite a bit, and he was always very gentle and just as concerned for Mia as I was. Like doctor Logothetti it all came down to what made Mia comfortable.

On 1/30/2019 the day came, and Mias arthritis had gotten to a point where she was in pain constantly. She was ready to go. Candy brought us into an exam room that had been made very comfortable for us with a blanket on the table, flowers and candles.

Doctor Logothetti and I talked about Mia’s past, and where she was now and decided it was really time. She talked me through the entire process, and kept me and Mia comfortable the entire time. It’s a rough process, but I know the Westside Animal Hospital made the day easier.

If you’re looking for a vet your search can end here. The staff is knowledgeable, warm and committed to the well being of you pet. What else could a fur parent want.

– Ashley W.

Found our new vet, our old dog is happy to come to this friendly place. Everyone was kind and professional.

– Rebecca C.

This review is much overdue, as I’ve been bringing my beloved shorkie here for the past 12 years and have received nothing but the best (sometimes life-saving) care from doctors Martinelli, Shuman, and Logithetti, not to mention all of the wonderful support staff (Becky, Jess, Candy, Rachel, and the rest of the awesome office staff and vet techs – thank you!). My old girl is fifteen and a half now, and they’ve seen us through everything – chocolate poisoning, dog attack, fainting, weird lumps, infected teeth, gastrointestinal issues, coughing, chronic liver disease – and always been incredibly thorough and thoughtful. I also love that they are successful (and ethical!) enough that they will not hesitate to refer you to a specialist when warranted. And I truly appreciate their compassion and humor (including on the multiple occasions that I have been in their waiting room having a full blown panic attack like a crazy person). I think Truffles’ advanced age, in itself, is a pretty great testament to their care!

– Susie L.

I have been bringing my cat and dog here for around 5 months now, and the service from Dr. Shuman and staff has been nothing short of amazing. Their COVID protocol is clear, smooth, and easy to follow. Dr. Shuman is patient and empathetic and will guide you to make the best decision for your pets health, but will also go over multiple different treatment options to cater to your financial situation. I am so so thankful for the quality of care both of my pets have received here and would recommend them to anyone in the Santa Cruz area.

– Emily W.

Have had a lot of negative experiences with vets and so glad to have a vet that we can trust and works with us rather than pressuring us into expensive and unnecessary procedures. Always talks us through stuff in a kind and empathetic manner. Plus they actually love the pets! We usually don’t get the best reception with our large cat, rescue pit, and elderly pug but they always seem excited to see them!

– Neil R.

I pretty much NEVER write yelp reviews but this vet and its employees deserves a great review. I transferred to this vet from one across town because it’s closer to my home and what a great decision I made! I came for an annual exam for my dog, possible vaccines, and update flea/tick/heart worm meds. The facility itself is clean and quaint.But it’s the staff that got me! Everyone from the front desk staff to the vet tech to the vet was very sweet, friendly, and showed my dog lots of love. It was obvious they enjoy what they do and adore pets. They were gentle with her despite her being extremely wiggly for the temperature and teeth check.

One of my favorite parts was the Vet didn’t just give my dog all of these vaccines and meds and accrue unnecessary costs. She broke down my options for me on what my dog really needed as far as medications depending on my location, weather, and if my dog was truly at risk for heart worm/ticks etc. and which vaccines she honestly needed right now to protect her – not just blindly give them all- helping my dog but not breaking my wallet. She was honest with me about even getting some vaccines through a vaccine clinic. They also offered to price match any cheaper medications! I feel like other vets in the past just say and do whatever to get your money, or you have surprise chargers later “oh we did this procedure on her that will be an additional $60” what! But not today! They were very understanding and helped individualize her treatment to my budget.

I even brought my newborn baby and a stroller with me and everyone was so helpful getting me in and out the door with dog, baby, stroller, and all walking me out to my car in the rain!

– Bailey B.

Westside is awesome! My partner and I switched over to Westside Animal Hospital after a traumatic experience with a previous vet in the area. We’ve experienced a world of a difference at Westside – our cats Toby and Louie love it here, too! The staff is great as well. Shout out to Rachel and Dr. Sugar for loving our fur babies, providing excellent care and making every visit enjoyable.
Thank you guys for everything you do!

– Ashley K.